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Brit PC whom spiked their virgin Tinder date’s drink and raped this lady on Caribbean area confronts lifetime in jail

Brit PC whom spiked their virgin Tinder date’s drink and raped this lady on Caribbean area confronts lifetime in jail

Lee Martin-Cramp informed her to ‘pretend they never occurred’ before you leave Antigua

A BRIT cop is known guilty of spiking a student’s beverage and “violently” raping their regarding the Caribbean area of Antigua.

Lee Martin-Cramp found the United states on matchmaking app Tinder and went back to the woman apartment where the guy set something inside her wine that made the woman pass out in 10 minutes.

The college student, a devout Christian who was simply a virgin, recalled shouting “no” but this lady storage was actually so empty she must inquire Martin-Cramp as long as they actually had sex.

Martin-Cramp, 26, informed her to “pretend they never took place” and brazenly expected the lady for gender again – before leaving Antigua and stopping her on WhatsApp.

The panicked prey additionally messaged him stating he’d used the woman virginity, with callous Martin-Cramp replying: “I can’t give it back once again haha”.

He or she is now facing life in jail after a jury took simply three days another with an accountable decision.

Martin-Cramp also face a disciplinary hearing with Scotland property which will likely induce his sacking.


Your situation got read at significant courtroom into the Antiguan funds St John after Martin-Cramp was actually extradited indeed there in a legal first.

The guy spent several months waiting for test in a classic people naval base throughout the isle with air-con and an ensuite toilet, problems which outraged the residents.

Martin-Cramp joined up with the city Police in 2014 and got uploaded to the wished culprits device in Wimbledon, South East London until their arrest.

They have started on constrained obligations since that time.


The test heard that Martin-Cramp fulfilled the pupil in May 2015 whilst on holiday to wait children wedding.

The two flipped from Tinder to chatting services WhatsApp where she advised him before their particular time: “Don’t come with an expectation of having sex. I Really Don’t do that style of thing with people I just met”.

Martin-Cramp shared with her: “Don’t be concerned I’m not a creep”.

They decided to go to a pub and after sharing a bottle of wine they drove to the woman apartment where they started another bottle of wine and spoke on her balcony.


The pair decided to view the movie American cake and beginner moved around to change, leaving the girl glass of wines by yourself with Martin-Cramp.

By the time she came back he had brought it inside the house and sealed the blinds.

The student said: “As I was planning to start Netflix we grabbed a sip of my personal beverage therefore tasted various.

“I advised your, this tasted different.

“the guy informed me he previously taken vodka from my personal freezer and put several of it into the wines and it had been something they did in the united kingdom.

“I stated OK and got another two sips. I just performedn’t need any further as it tasted different. After about ten minutes I Became beginning to feel down, to feel dizzy, maybe not my self.”

Prosecutor Shannon Jones-Gittens asked if she got thought drunk or tipsy before that. The beginner said: “Not anyway.”


The beginner sobbed as she said: “After that every You will find is flashes from other countries in the evening. I recall your becoming over me. I remember saying no, avoid, staying in serious pain. I Recall my personal head showing up in floor.”

The college student expressed the rape as a “heinous thing” and asserted that Martin-Cramp have “given myself something you should make myself unconscious and violently raped me”.

Around 7am 24 hours later she woke up and she and Martin-Cramp had been both nude in her own sleep.

She was actually bleeding together with two bruises on every side of the girl throat – the people from the right-side had been black colored – and might scarcely go because she was at plenty discomfort.

Expected just how she rated the pain she is experiencing out-of 10, the pupil mentioned: “It wouldn’t match thereon level.”

The beginner said that she kept chatting Martin-Cramp in the hope she could meet up with him and privately record your admitting exactly what he did, nevertheless they never noticed each other once more.

In the emails on WhatsApp the college student questioned Martin-Cramp if he remembered as long as they have gender because the girl memory space was actually blank.

The guy at first reported he had been ‘98 percent yes’ they did not have gender however shared with her: “Would you destroy me whenever we did?”

He mentioned: “from the your acquiring to my nerves and that I was actually frustrating.

“You mentioned let’s do that and after that you going jumping up and down for somewhat. Which Is as soon as we dropped off the bed.”


The pupil typed: “If only I know because if all this holds true you took my personal V credit (virginity).”

Martin-Cramp had written: “I can’t have straight back haha.”

The lady last message to your is: “Lee, you have to message me asap I’m on medical center.”

He responded he had already flown home to the UK as well as on waiting around for a connecting flight to Holland – and clogged their on WhatsApp.

The college student informed the judge that at the time she was ‘so naive’ as she decided to go to a Christian high-school and that whenever it involved sex “abstinence was actually all we knew”.

She found Antigua because she wanted to train as a nursing assistant and create missionary work with establishing countries.

The legal read that Martin-Cramp messaged the lady photographs of himself inside the police uniform which “built right up a feeling of believe” between them.

She mentioned: “If it was anybody I became probably believe it’s going to be someone with that power and expert.”

Martin-Cramp did not provide facts throughout trial but offered a statement through the pier which he stated the gender was actually consensual and that the guy did not spike the scholar’s beverage.

He had denied one amount of rape and will also be sentenced at a later date go to this web-site.


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