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BLG Gains $400 Million for Al-Zarqawi Victims’ Parents

BLG Gains $400 Million for Al-Zarqawi Victims’ Parents

BLG lovers Roy Barnes and John Bevis being known into the FCDR’s a€?Top Georgia Verdicts of 2010a€? for acquiring a $14 Million recuperation in Kahn v. Fortis Insurance Company et. al., an insurance coverage lessons activity suit brought on part of an individual and small businesses. Kahn was rated since the #1 greatest healing in Georgia for an insurance instance, while the 7 th highest healing among all Georgia covers in 2010. Discover to creating things RIGHT…It’s What We Would!

On a cool early morning in September 2004, Marietta subcontractor Jack Hensley done a regular routine: the guy went out-of their home in joined Arab Emirates to start out the generator for he while the various other subcontractors living indeed there as they assisted rebuild Iraq. But today ended up being various.

Jack was actually enclosed by al-Quaida militants and, together with his man housemates, abducted. A couple of days later, Jack got gruesomely outdone and beheaded. His demise played in videos that played across international television screens.

Remaining to grab the pieces, Jack’s widow, Pati, and daughter turned to BLG for justice. In an effort that occurred in the United States area judge regarding the area of Columbia, BLG couples Roy E. Barnes and John F. Salter prosecuted the country of Syria for helping and giving support to the terrorists who abducted and killed Jack.

Judge Rosemary Collyer awarded Pati and the family of another slain American subcontractor over $400 million in damages in 2008. After two years, the appeals process has finally concluded.

As lover John F. Salter mentioned, a€?It was a fantastic testament into fortitude among these families. No body should actually ever have to witness a relative suffering these types of unspeakable brutality. They hoped the assess’s purchase would deliver a message. Together, In my opinion we performed just that.a€?

Making It Suitable For hard-working DeKalb State Educators

BLG, on the part of two DeKalb district educators, has recorded a class-action lawsuit up against the school district and board for neglecting to render efforts over the past two years to a district personnel retirement fund.

Roy Barnes works with brand new Governor to really make it suitable for slain trooper’s widow

When previous Georgia Governor and BLG founding partner Roy Barnes heard about the way Georgia’s insurance policies laws and regulations happened to be managing the recent widow of a Georgia condition Trooper who was slain into the collection of responsibility, the guy decided to do some worthwhile thing about it.

The guy instantly agreed to just take Keisha LeCroy’s instance pro bono, following obtained the phone to contact newly-elected Governor Nathan package. Despite dealing with each other into the November 2010 Governor’s race, the two rapidly created a plan to introduce a fresh statement before the Georgia Legislature to switch the law.

Current rules requires enduring household members of county employees who are murdered in line of task to pay for an increased price to help keep the state insurance policy. Keisha LeCroy would have been required to shell out $900 per month for protection of the lady and her boy.

BLG founding companion and previous Governor Roy E. Barnes failed to permit politics substitute how of attaining fairness for slain Georgia county Trooper Chadwick LeCroy’s widow and boy.

As he heard how state got properly ending healthcare importance when it comes to trooper’s widow and child, Barnes found the device and known as previous opponent and newly-elected Governor Nathan offer.

Both worked directly with state legislators to re-write circumstances law with regards to health protection of condition law enforcement officers. The recommended law keeps health plans at the same rates for enduring family of county law enforcement officers murdered when you look at the collection of obligation.


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