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Tinder for cuddling: This software will see you a random stranger to spoon

Tinder for cuddling: This software will see you a random stranger to spoon

In a completely nonsexual ways, they swear! Hair salon spoke to Cuddlr’s founder regarding joy of platonic embraces


Take a look, I really don’t like being moved by strangers. I enjoy a hug with a friendly brand new associate, although real intimacy prevents there. I’m not actually that into cuddling with good friends — except in covers of death or a breakup. An undirected spooning urge just never ever occurs in me personally. (OK, for puppies. Mainly for puppies.) For me personally, snuggling different individuals are romantic, special rather than constantly, but frequently, sexual — or post-sexual. The kind of sensual that lies beyond merely bodily closeness.

All of that would be to state, i would become most last individual regarding face of your earth who should review an application this is certainly simply the Tinder of cuddling. Therefore in the place of evaluating Cuddlr, which launches in the iTunes shop on Thursday, I made a decision to interview the creator to try and add up of snuggle matchmaking. But very first, discover how it operates: You log in, connect along with your myspace profile and commence searching for regional cuddle lovers. If someone else looks especially smush-able, you send all of them a cuddle ask and they’ve got a quarter-hour to simply accept it. If all goes well, the software then brings one one another for a body-pressing sesh in public areas or exclusive, wherever you desire. Afterwards, you evaluate the cuddle, enabling users to alert each other down worst cuddlers, a category might very plausibly consist of something from individuals with terrible individual health to someone with roving hands.